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Best Methods To Extend Your Property

Posted on by optioffice

Choosing to extend your home is not an easy decision. You should deliberate with your family so that you come to the right decision. The added space to your property could make a big difference; if you are welcoming a new addition to the family then the increased space can be a God send. The change would also add value on to your property so if you ever do sell or rent then you would command a higher fee. However if you go for the wrong type of extension then your value could plummet and you could be left with an unsuitable room. To avoid this situation we have looked at the best methods for extending your property.

Home Extension

A home extension can open up a lot of free space in your home. A whole new section can be created to your home depending on the space in the surrounding area. You could create new bedrooms or a new office. A home extension will give you complete control over the creation process as it will be a new part of your home. You will be able to decide the size of the extension and what it’s going to be used for.

Loft Conversion

Converting a loft is an affordable alternative compared to creating a home extension. You will still create a new space but you will also lose storage space in your home. Everybody seems to use their loft for storage but we forget about the potential the area has. It is the perfect spot for a bedroom for a teenager or a games room. You won’t have the added fuss of dealing with your local council either as you won’t actually be creating a new space.

Expand Rooms

This method will create more space but not add a great deal of value to your home. Expanding can be done by knocking down a wall between two rooms. This would create a bigger room for you to use. If you aren’t interested in having heavy work done to your home then this is the best option.

Here at J.R.S. Contracting we specialise in home extensions, whether it be building work or loft conversions. If you want any extra information regarding our services then contact us today.

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